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MIST is a survival mystery game, set in a world hit by a sudden catastrophe. Try to survive, unravel mysterys and  build relationships with the girls you meet along the way.

The gameplay focuses on exploration, survival and simple dungeon crawling. You will explore several large areas, encounter strange enemies and meet other survivors. Bring them back to your base and let them help you fight the apocalypse.

There are four girls with different personalities and stories. Each helping you in your quest of surviving in their own way. Spend time with them and earn their trust and love.

Updated 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(845 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withRen'Py, Substance Painter & designer, Blender
Tags3D, Adult, Animation, Atmospheric, Erotic, harem, Horror, Male protagonist, Ren'Py
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MIST-1.0.3-pc.zip 3 GB
MIST-1.0.3-mac.zip 3 GB
mist-1.0.3-release.apk 969 MB
mist-1.03-single.apk 969 MB

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Awesome game..... The story and character development was as good as any AAA game... Keep up the good work...

they did a great job

this game is awesome, and i mean really awesome, but i dont use mony,because i was in old times there. if your new to this, buy it its a wonderfull gameplay , with nice girls

Hey 395games. Some reason evetime I try to download Mist-1.0.3-pc.zip  on my pc it keep saying failed-forbidden and I brought the game so I'm confused why it keeps saying that? It also says I don't have permission to download the file?

I can't really tell you why that happens if you've bought the game. I'd recommend to bring that up with Itch.Io support though, I can't really help in that regard.


GOD DAMN IS THIS GAME GOOD bro holy shit. at first i hated the art style ill be honest but it grew on me fast. The characters? amazing. the scenes? amazing. The STORY???? PHENOMENAL. I forget this is a porngame at times bro gatdamn

I played this game when it was almost complete and I gotta say I'm tempted to buy it. The price tag is a bit steep for me because I already saw so much of the content, but if you don't mind the price and aren't sure about the game, I would say I thoroughly enjoyed it, lots of really hot content and I found the storyline quite good.

Not sure if this has been asked before but what 3d modeling software did you use to make this game?

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Blender mostly and a few others for textures etc.

Thanks so much for getting back to me, I really appreciate it!

Why can't I redownload it I bought the game ages ago

I believe it just fairly recently went for sale? Up until the final update it was free.


I'm stuck, I'm trying to fix the cables for the lift but I can't interact with anything? I've done everything else.

Go home and talk with the girls about wiring and stuf

I'm stuck on tunnels, I can't find glass and I can't find the gauge thing for deeper into the tunnels missio

Explore the city, you should find a tree with glowing fruit, after go take to Mia and she will make a lantern out of it.

Is there system requirements I can check?

Not really, but it's Ren'Py it runs on almost everything.



do you have an walkthrough for the game ? i canot unlock mias scene where you need to rais her affection to 7 and drink a tea even if i have her on 7 

I have the game, i think i got it for free somehow. Can i still update it

From my experience, no. I downloaded the game one update before the epilogue and forgot to update it once it got updated while it was still free. After it got a price even if you update it through the itch application you wont get new updates and can only play through what you have previously downloaded.

Gonna have to pay for it if you want the full game now.

bugger. Cheers.


is there a list of kinks this game contains? 

hey i accidentally uninstalled the game when i was trying t reinstall it i had the game way before you had to pay for it like back when it was free to play and i was wondering is if i would have to pay for it just to play the game again if so thats fine but i just wanted to ask help from you guys at 395games before i did anything else ( also i can send proof that i played this game before you had to pay for it if that means i can get the game back)


That means you have to pay for it either here on Itch or on my Patreon page.

I Love this game the story was awesome and the animations 


Also, as other commentaries said, this game was the best:D, 3 good months spent, even though I read slowly, and no main english. love the story, characters  even experiences i didn't feel before mostly movies try hero characters untouchable most times or  2 hours movies wasnt enough to digest a sad or stressful situation of the characters and feeling vs MC of this 3 months seeing the progress develop and the relation especially the good relation with the girls(maybe that's why videogames can be better than movies). i'll give it a second run and i'll be waiting the next game thank you 395games:D


I want to start off by saying wow, this game was insanely well done for being free ( I had it when it was free  ). The animations are so smooth and well done, I loved the story and learning about each character. The lewd scenes are just immaculate lol. It was fun leveling up and gaining new things to later help. I can easily say no other game that I have played.. can hope to beat a game at this level. Thank you 395games for making it :).

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I seem to be stuck trying to get into UL-03, i'm being told I need to test my can on the liquid but I can't seem to figure it out.  I went to the big webby thing blocking ul-03 but i can't interact with anything or get past it. I otherwise also need to find documents in the tunnels (I have 1 so far), I'm not sure where i need to go to progress?

you can get the can on the kitchen, or if you are testing the liquid first time there is a stick next to it then talk with lily.

It is finally finished!! Congrats and thank you for making such an amazing (and lewd) game. I already have the game installed from when it was free but I will definitely support you on this game and your next up coming project. Don't let us down :>

I love that you finished this. Amazing game!

I cant find the last gauge i need to enter ul-04 does anybody know where it is

you probably already know what to do since it has been a day, but imma just tell you anyway. Once you find the last document, it will tell you a password and you use that password for the security on the computer, that will open ul-04.

I just started playing the final version of the game. Absolutely amazing game so far, but in the early sex scenes there are clear animations for climax with sound effects and twitches. However, in recent scenes it seems like the climax is skipped entirely and it cuts to cum dripping out. Is this intentional? or am I experiencing a glitch?

Deleted 87 days ago

It's a piracy website. I have ownership of the thread so I can moderate everything and put in nice graphics because a lot of my views come from F95 and there are very good people over there, but in the end I can't do anything about them sharing those links. The last time they got a link directly from me was at least a year ago, probably even longer.

Can someone help me where can I find the wire in the city


I would like to first of all state that I made an account to say this, since I downloaded the free 0.11 version of the game when it was made available.

This fucking game is so good with its story that it made me have a revelation on why I love video games and has lived rent free in my head since I beat it close to 2 weeks ago.

So to the dev who made this, I hate you. I can't stop thinking about how wonderful that story is. Thank you <3


How long is the playtime?


I'd say between 10-15 hourd depending on how much you read. If you skip everything probably less.

is this really worth $15? i dont want to pay that much money if its kinda meh at that price. i know the comments give it positive reviews but did anybody pay the asking price and how was it after the fact. thanks


It's one of the best games you could buy.


Yes.  It's good.

the scenes are top tier animation with a very good plot and characters, it has the most realistic physics in the animation out of any of the games that I have seen here 100% a 10/10 game

Ah yes, axe go pew pew, trees turn to butter.... Im jk, I know what you mean.

I got it just before it was changed and not free anymore, but I will say it is definitely worth $15. I hope I am not overdoing it, but this game is very cheap for what you're getting. I was surprised it wasn't more than 15.


I'd like to thank Mia  for introducing me to new music genres.  Cool stuff!


I have to say, i wasn't really expecting too much with this game but my god was i surprised. I have enjoyed it so much! Not only the sexual aspect of it but the story was really good! A big shout out to the author for making this, this was probably one of the best purchases of my life.


Just finished the game. Like others have said "Come for the tits, stay for the story." and I'm really glad I stayed.

The writing is awesome. All of the girls have real, unique personalities with their own quirks, skills, flaws and traumas. They all feel like real people.

The last... act, for lack of a spoiler-free way of saying it, has several really heartfelt conversations that really pulled me in and might have even had me falling for the girls. Robin and Mia in particular. They're my kind of gals.

If I had one complaint about the game, it would be that a few too many of those heartfelt moments turn into fuckfests a bit too abruptly. By that point in the story, I was in a "I don't want to be horny. I want to be happy." mood. If there was more of a separation between the touchy-feely emotional stuff and the, ahem, touchy-feely physical stuff, it wouldn't have been much of a problem.

So yeah, good game. I got the game for free, and I normally have a rule about never paying for something I can get for free. But I think I might just have to break that rule; I think the dev's earned my 15 dollars.

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I'm really glad I got to play it before the price got added. It was so good, 10/10 story, 10/10 characters 10/10 terrain designs i loved every single bit of it. I can't wait for the next project.

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Same kinda upsetting there is a price on it but i also understand

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I actually really like how chill the girls all are about the whole situation.

I mean, it took a bit and considering the situation, it makes a lot more sense then not that they'd just go with the flow, but Lily is SSSUUUPPPEEERRR chill, and I love it.  

im kinda sad this costs money now but it deserves it its a really good game 10/10 story  10/10 animation overall 10/10 game

I can agree with you 100%. The game may not be free anymore, but it is so good and well made that you can't even come up with an argument lol.


Would it be possible to include the soundtrack as a download? Good game btw


The soundtrack is one of the few things I didn't make myself. I know that the licenses allow me to use it for the game, but I don't think I'm allowed to redistribute the files. So no. I sadly can't include the soundtrack to be downloaded.

How do you get Mia's 4th event?

...It smipped to the 5th.

Did I miss it?

If you go to the gallery you can hover over the missing gallery icons to get a hint on what you have to do to unlock it.

Cool. Thnx!


Get this on Steam.

I think you will earn on this. I would love to buy it myself, but I do not trust unproven methods and platforms, if you released it on Steam like some other producers from itch.io, eg "Princess & Conquest ", I think that some people who think like me would be tempted.

it got removed from steam upon release i believe

ou, someone knows the reason?




Pure idiocy on the part of Steam staff, if this is how they treated this game. It is interesting why they did not ban several hundred others ones. Half of the games from "Kagura Games" and other Japanese publishers have scenes with "genuine loli" (of course, there is a short information in the game that all characters are over 18 etc., but as I can see Steam does not pay attention to it) and they are looking for something like that here.

I don't see them banning "Evenicle" or "The time I got reincarnated as orc". If I were the creator, I would report all these games and see if the big publishers are treated in the same way as the small ones, because it doesn't look like it.


Why? Steam allows adult games on their platform now.


Valve employee  sometime quite stupid , there even sources that the one who do the  passing box is 3rd party company so that quite depending on who personality and their taste 

How is itch.io not a trusted platform? Pertaining to viruses just scan it lol..

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This is REALLY good!

Did you do the artwork yourself? If so then AWESOME JOB! If not, then I'm curious on what you used. Sorry, I'm not especially knowledgeable about 3D artwork. I'm more of the regular drawing kinda guy.

Anyway, I LOVE me a good harem and RPG, so this naturally intrigued me. You really did a great job delivering too!

I'll be happy to support so long as I keep getting more of these lomda gems!

Thank you for your hard work!

Side notoe? Steam is fucking retarded. Mia being having modest bustline is no reason to say her age is 'ambiguous'. That makes no sense since i've seen stacked teenagers in real life on top of tiny titted hotties in their freaking thirties who... well, don't look thirty.

Fuck that prudish BS. I'm happy that other outlets were letting you sell your game though.


I make the artwork myself. There are a few smaller 3D models that I got from the internet like the potted plants, but about 95% is handmade. And I'm happy to hear that you like it!


Found your game from Sex Positive Gaming's review - happy to support.

Hmmm to me so expensive when convert to PHP is equal to almost 1k.  Welp it is what it is.

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